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Body changes! Emotional rollercoaster! Fad diets! What to think?

Is HIV and STD the same thing?

By Jennifer Nevels, NMD STDs are different organisms, like bacteria and viruses, that are transmitted sexually and can cause symptoms depending upon which one is being passed on.  HIV is a different type of virus, called a retro virus, but it is sexually transmitted as well.  Infections can be spread ...

Do essential oils really work?

By  Jennifer Nevels, NMD --- Essential oils are concentrated compounds extracted from different plants.  There are about 100 essential oils available to use, each claiming different health benefits.  Although we lack a lot of research on essential oils, this does not mean that they are not helpful and useful. The ...

What is intersex?

By  Jennifer Nevels, NMD --- Intersex is defined as being born with sex characteristics that don't align with the female or male gender specifically.  In these individuals there can be variations in chromosomes, sex hormones, and differences in the male and female anatomy.  Chromosome abnormalities can be a combination of ...

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