By Kristen Donia

If you scroll through the collection of images associated with #bodypositive you will find images of well, everyone. Big, small, him, her, sie, zie, black, white, brown, we are all struggling to feel like enough – together.

In a time when a lot is tearing us apart, be it literally by the requirements of social-distancing, the current racial injustice in this country, politics, and the who said what, it’s an odd place to find togetherness, yet here we are.

What can we learn from this? That perhaps regardless of our skin color, anatomy, or belief systems that being human, wrapped with skin and bone is challenging in and of itself. That even before we get to the space of walking and talking we are already – uncomfortable. Heck, looking in the mirror is a struggle for a lot of us, myself included. And when we’re constantly inundated with pretty images of other people, it’s hard to not compare yourself and feel lesser than. It takes an act of bravery to stand in our own skin, and simply say to the world, here I am, this is who I am and I am proud of that.

The world can often give us reasons to doubt our abilities, our appearance, and our own capacity to accept change and grow. And that’s what keeps us small and separate. Our ego likes to keep us safe. Minimal change, no stepping outside of our comfort zone to experience things that may be new and intimidating, scary yet exhilarating. This newness challenges our body and mind and therefore adds to the glorious list our potential for limitless possibilities.

The truth is, we can be whoever we want. Perhaps society, history, maybe even our friends, family, followers on the internet, have told us differently, but that’s just their own stuff coming to the surface. After all, hurting people, hurt people. And aren’t we all in pain? In some way shape or form, we have all experienced heartbreak, loss, and hurt. Maybe if we stay small it makes other people feel better, and more comfortable in their skin. But we’re better than that. We deserve more, we are capable of more.

At the end of the day and heck at the beginning and throughout it, we just wa