By Joan Marlow

Let’s celebrate the new name for this website:  I am Teen Strong!!

‘I am…’ are two of the most powerful words in our life.  In the world’s religions it is a sentence in itself, ‘I Am the great I Am,’ relative to thinking about each of us having a God or Higher Power within us.  On a metaphysical level, ‘I am’ speaks to ‘Truth / true self.’  From the perspective of our chakra energy system, ‘I am’ aligns with the 7th chakra, the Crown chakra at the top of the head, which represents ‘wisdom, pure awareness and consciousness.’  The Sanskrit mantra, ‘So Hum,’ means ‘I am’ supporting groundedness, self-love, and ‘enoughness.’ (*See Mindfulness Moment below)

When you share ‘I am + a noun’ you describe who you are, what you do, establish rank / or success: I am a teen; I am a student; I am an athlete; I am a son, daughter, brother, sister; I am a sophomore; I am a teacher; I am a lawyer; I am a mom; I am a ­­­­______ fill in the blank.  Or, ‘I am…’ followed immediately by an adjective makes a statement as a description of you.  I am smart, I am funny, I am happy, I am sad, I am angry…I am _____.


  • Everything is energy…you, the chair you’re sitting in, the device you’re using to read this, the food you eat…everything, including words.
  • Words have power, whether they are said out loud or in our heads…thoughts are things and they are the first step in revving up the energy for every single thing/action we take.
  • Affirmations’ are ‘statements of fact,’ ‘affirming truth.’  ‘I am’ statements serve as affirmations, so it’s important that you take a moment and consider the word you use to complete that statement.
  • Bottom line, the word you choose to finish any ‘I am’ statement boosts that particular energy throughout your body.  If you choose a negative word, your body takes a negative hit; if you choose a positive word, your body happily accepts that positivity.  In either case, the Law of Attraction of ‘like attracting like’ kicks into gear…negative thoughts/words attract negativity; positive thoughts/words attract positivity.  You’re in control of how this plays out.

If this concept is new, take a minute and read earlier ‘Mindfulness’ blogs on this site:  ‘Power of the Pause,’ ‘The Power of Positivity,’ ‘Self-Love,’ ‘Loving Kindness Starts with You.’ It’s all about being Mindful in all you do…including talking to yourself.  If you’re thinking a negative thought about yourself, ask the question, ‘would I say those words to a friend?’  Treat yourself the same way you treat a good friend…with kindness, positivity and love.  Stop yourself if you hear in your head, ‘I’m not good enough,’ ‘I always mess things up,’ ‘I’m stupid,’ ‘I’m a loser.’  Take a deep breath and think ‘control, alt, delete’ to eliminate the