By Kizzy Kittrell Dogan

Did you know that it can take anywhere from 18 – 254 days to form a habit? However, it takes an average of 66 days for a new behavior to become second nature. Scary fact considering that there are only 10 days left in 2020! This explains why we often start the year with such vigor, and by day 45, the fire starts to burn out. However, this year, we are not focusing on New Year resolutions that don’t stick; instead, we will focus on working hard daily at becoming the very best version of ourselves. As a teen, becoming the best version of yourself may sound like a massive goal because it is but with just the right amount of intention, consistency, dedication, commitment, honesty, bravery, willpower, determination, planning, prayer, and sacrifice, it can and will happen!

With only 10 days left in 2020, it means there is no time to waste! Now is the time to change our old ways of thinking and doing to prepare for a better version of ourselves in the coming year! Yes, it’s so cliché; however, as we all know, 2020 was so destructive and brought so much death and devastation to the world as we knew it. Many did not make it, and some of us developed bad habits along the way but thank God for second chances because we now have an opportunity to dust our shoulders off and start anew! We can create new patterns and practices with the time we have and continue to cultivate in 2021 to ensure the best version reigns in 2022.

When working on becoming the best version of ourselves, I suggest incorporating The Law of Attraction and The Law of Vibration into your daily routine. Have you ever heard the saying, “You are wha